Why Taking 6 Months Off Of Posting Was The Best Decision For My Business 


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I took SIX WHOLE MONTHS off of posting on social media. Which... as a social media manager is TABOO and no one talks about it.  

I am a firm advocate that if you are just posting to post, you should not be posting at all. I found myself in a rut. Creative block if you will. My business was growing and taking up a majority of my time and I started to feel like my to do list was NEVEEERRRRRR ending. The systems and strategies I had in place desperately needed updating. I found my business lacked the sustainability that I needed in order to reach the next level. And most importantly... I was dishonoring my boundaries and allowing work to bleed into my home life. 

yes. you read that right!

I pressed PAUSE on everything that made me feel overwhelmed. I stopped content creation for my business. I closed my books and stopped taking on new clients. And I took an audit on my business. 

Asking myself: What are my goals? How can I reach those goals in a way that still allows me to live the lifestyle of my dreams? While prioritizing myself and still achieving important business milestones. 

I took an audit on what services and client industries were fueling my soul. I took back ownership of my scheduling- time blocking, prioritizing, and scheduling in time for self-care. I doubled down on my overall client experience, focused on strengthening client relationships, and I developed the systems and workflows that I severely lacked. I started back at the basics, prioritizing professional and personal development again. Studying and learning constantly, which was something that was quickly pushed to the back burner once business boomed.

so what did i do?


I improved my client experience and I was able to support my client's in ways, prior to restructuring my systems, I did not have time for. 

I focused on growing DEEP with my clients before extending WIDE with new ones. WTF does that mean? Instead of actively finding new clients, I focused on strengthening my relationships with my current clients. I worked to better understanding their blindspots or problem areas in a wide range of strategies. 

I strengthened my business foundation. 

I got clarity in my vision, my weaknesses, and my blindspots. 

All of which allowed Parker Marketing and Management to hit 6 figures in revenue, officially joining the 18% club.                                                     our revenue and allowing us the TIME to develop new passive and active revenue streams that help to better serve my audience. 

the result


You know what is best for your business. Don't get caught up in the comparison game or let doubt creep in when "social media gurus" are all over the internet telling you that you "need" to be posting 4x per day to stay relevant. Do not post to post. If you are drowning in all of the things, prioritize your business and your clients first. Start from square one. Realign with your goals. Take small action. Who knows, maybe you will double your revenue by taking a break? Take the pressure off, social media should be fun don't forget that! 

all of this to say....

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