The Great resignation


Parker Hughes

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Maybe you have noticed the surplus of “we’re hiring!” signs, the mass amounts of online job postings, or the countless amounts of stores who regularly close their doors due to how understaffed they are?

There is a lot of misinformation about why there seems to be this hole in the service industry. Initially people blamed unemployment benefits, the covid relief stimulus, even the fear felt after losing a job.

But many of us continue to wonder, what is The Great Resignation? 

In its simplest form, The Great Resignation is (has become) a movement for a better life. 

Professionals clocked in, went to work, and clocked out. As a collective, we worked jobs that required us to appear in office each day. So when the pandemic hit, the industry had to change. Suddenly everyone was separated, working from the comfort of their homes, with a hell of a lot more flexibility than they previously had.  

While that lifestyle may sound great for many, it altered the boundaries between work and life. 

Who was ultimately affected especially hard during this time?


2020 brought a reality check that arguably no one was prepared for. 2020 quite literally became a matter of life or death for many people which in turn led to a shift in priorities. 

People now prioritized spending time with their loved ones and doing things that they love… because… well, life is too damn short not to. 

Job insecurity, burnout, and the overall desire for a better work-life balance ultimately led to first surge of The Great Resignation. People in all positions and industries resigned from the workforce to be present in their lives during such hard times. 

Suddenly entrepreneurship boomed, people began to go after the dreams they once put off for hope of a better future. A future where they could make money from the comfort of their home while being present in the relationships in their life.

In 2020, nearly 3 million women left the workforce. 3 million. I like to think of this as the first surge of The Great Resignation. 

Now 2022, I believe the second surge is coming- if not already started. As employers begin to cling onto normalcy, many companies are requiring employees return to the office. And while many struggled with the initial work from home lifestyle, I believe with the flexibility it provides, many employees will not wish to return to office. For the new 2020 entrepreneurs, many are making more money owning their own business than they would if they returned to the workforce. 

It will be interesting to see the workforce evolve during 2022. How do you think 2022 will play out?

the great resignation


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