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Hustle Culture is something that affects all of us whether you are aware of it or not. Everyone has felt the anxiety and stress it brings but maybe you didn’t have a name for it. 

Hustle Culture by definition is “a lifestyle where the career has become such a priority in your life that other aspects of being human take a back seat.” 

This means you forgo hobbies, family-time, self-care, and even relaxation only to work more. A common quote said by those who are drowning in Hustle Culture and do not even know it is, “I will sleep when I am dead”. This leads to toxic workplace environments, toxic relationships with work, burnout, and often health concerns due to stress. 

For some, it is obvious how toxic this culture feels. For others, they live by a “rise and grind” mantra and do not even know how they ended up there, let alone that it’s harming them and actually pushing them FARTHER from the goals they think they are working towards.

"ill sleep when i'm dead"

If you have ever felt guilty or felt an overwhelming amount of anxiety when you are doing non-work-related tasks, you need to take the steps to “reprogramming” your brain and relationship with work– this is especially important for entrepreneurs. 

The five steps below have helped ME to reframe my thoughts and relationships with my work– I know they can help you too. Be gentle with yourself and repeat this process as much as needed. 

"rise and grind"


This process is best done if you use these questions as journal prompts or thought-starters to get to the root of your toxic productivity. 


What goals are you working towards? Short-term? Long-term? What are you working so hard to accomplish? Once you have addressed your goals, dive deeper. WHY are you working so hard? What are you trying to prove– And who are you trying to prove it to?


Prioritize your life around your goals– big or small. If your big goal is to start a new business, work backwards to figure out your small goals that overtime will get you closer to achieving your BIG goals, then prioritize accordingly. 


In order to prioritize your life, you have to schedule. If your goal is to spend more time with your family this year, let that be your intention. Schedule more time for the family throughout the week and less time for work. Take on fewer clients. 


Reframing your thoughts and feelings is not easy. Stay focused on why you are doing it. Be present. Pay attention to how uncomfortable it may feel and sit with it. Often times what we fear most really is not all that scary once you confront it. Ask yourself: How am I feeling? Why am I uncomfortable?


Repeat this process as needed

5 ways to:

Reframe Your Relationship with Work AND avoid Hustle Culture at all costs

In order to be present personally and professionally, it all comes down to boundaries. You have to be strong enough to put up boundaries that allow you to take care of yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally before you can show up for someone else.

If a boss or family member or workplace environment does not respect your boundaries, you need to look inwards again and decide if what you are pursuing is worth compromising yourself and your dreams– And if it’s not, keep your options open and look for more.

you deserve it.

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